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Phi Delta Phi, unlike other legal associations, does not charge annual membership dues. After paying  the initial membership fee while in law school, one becomes a member for life. By contrast, bar association fees are typically quite steep and a lawyer must pay annually to maintain his or her membership.  

Since 1869, Phi Delta Phi has endeavored to defend the dignity of our profession and instill respect for all lawyers, whether they be young barristers or seasoned professionals. Our mission has always been made possible through the generosity of our members and those who support our goals. Without your support, we would not have been able to advance our mission.  

That is why we are asking you to donate today — whatever you can — so that Phi Delta Phi can continue to promote legal ethics and enhance the image of our profession. Won’t you share your success with our cherished and noble Society? Simply put, our future, and the future of our profession, depend on it.


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